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FAQ. Music editing. Music production. Publishing.

Here you can find all the answers to your questions about producing music.

This is where you’ll find tips, tricks and frequently asked questions. Well prepared is half produced. We’d be happy to sort out any concerns you have.

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General Advice

Which browser should I use?

We recommend Google Chrome.

How do I send you my song?

At the end of the booking process, you can upload your files directly to each service you booked, and later you can still change or add to your files via your user account. It’s that simple.

We can’t wait to hear your music!

What can I send you?

Everything you’ve got! As a general rule, the more information you give us, the more on target we can get to work on your music online.

One simple rough copy is enough for us. Send us a song with just guitar or piano & vocals to give us an overview of your song. You can send us an idea for a song or just the words and a reference track.

If you have your production all ready and recorded, send us the individual tracks or your master.

If you have any questions, talk to our producers.

How are changes and modifications carried out?

You’re the boss. After each step of the production process, we’ll send you an updated version of your song for you to review.

Each booking comes with a modification service included. Further customisations will cost just 50% of the basic rate.

As soon as the first preview of a song comes to you for review, and you decide to change the tempo, for example, or you’ve discovered a new musical reference for the song, or you decide that we should record it all again from scratch, then we’ll work the cost out at 75% of the basic rate. We’re talking about a complete re-do here.

Who do the rights to the tracks belong to?

We produce commissioned work for you. All rights pass to you. This applies without limitation of any rights to performances, compositions and/or masters, including the global copyrights therein, for any purposes.

100% risk-free?

But of course! We’ll send you each updated version, every step as the production progresses, and agree with you upon the best way to play out what you have you in mind.

That’s what we use the communication tools in your user account for. It’s so easy !-)

Besides that, as a new customer you have a 100% money-back guarantee on your first order. If you don’t like the work we do, you get your money back. In the event that you’d like to terminate the production for some reason after your feedback, we will refund each stage that you haven’t confirmed.

In which Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) can I use your tracks?

You can import our tracks into any DAW. We will send you the tracks as *.wav files.

What if I’d like to sing myself?

Once we’ve carried out for you all the services that you booked, we’d be happy to send you a rough mix on which you can record your vocal tracks. You’re welcome to record these in our studios, or even in your own studio, or in every studio in your area. When you’re ready with the recordings, load your song up onto our server again, so that we can mix and master it for you.

How do I pay for the services?

Simply pay with your Mastercard, Visa or with your PayPal account. Unfortunately we cannot accept any cash payments on collection, as this would affect the production workflow too much. We also offer you the chance to pay for your production by transfer. When paying by transfer, please allow for a time delay of 2-5 working days for the production. Money transfers from bank to bank often take a while.

I have another question!

Tell us more about your vision and write to us with the customer service support

Well prepared is half produced

Should I send you my lyrics?

Text documents help us to bring exactly what you want to life and give us an overview from the get-go of your choice of words, mood and vibe desired for the song.

What should I call my uploads?

Name the uploads you want to load up onto the server clearly with no ambiguity. It’s best to include the tempo and key once more for us in the filename (e.g. ‘MySong_135bpm_Db_major.mp3’).

What format should I upload my files in?

Load your song up onto the server as an MP3 file with a minimum bit rate of 192kbps. You’re welcome to compress it into a *.zip archive. That will save you time with your upload and ensures that the file isn’t damaged during the upload, that everything gets to us and you haven’t forgotten anything.

How can we work together online towards a shared goal?

You can load reference tracks up onto the server from other artists already well-known, for instance, or alternative versions of your song. In this way, we’ll get a clear picture of your vision for producing your song.

Where should my song demo start?

Bounce the song precisely two beats before it starts and include a click in these two beats. In this way, we’ll have a clear starting point for the production.

Your feedback is important to us

Listen to the preview of your music production through your user account and enter any changes you’d like to make by clicking on the TAG button in the modification list.


Digital publishing

As part of the digital publishing process we’ll distribute your music to the major online platforms all over the world. Among others, these include iTunes, Amazon MP3, Amazon DOD, Musicload, Media Markt, Spotify, Google Play, Shazam, etc.

For this we charge a one-off package price for the distribution around the stores. We keep 10% of the sales revenue in order to cover the support, development, as well as the improvement of our services.

You can pay out your revenues anytime via PayPal.

Cut CDs

You can use the CD cutting service to order your music on CD. Put your product package together online and choose the quantity you wish to purchase. Load your artwork and the tracks onto the server and away you go! It’s that simple.

ISRC & EAN codes

If you haven’t got any of your own, we can make these available to you. These are included in the price given for the digital publishing.

Cover & design for the release

After you’ve made your order, please upload the cover onto our server, with a minimum size of 2000 × 2000 pixels and 300dpi resolution. Should you be unable to design your cover yourself, simply book the CD & cover design service in the publishing rubric on top. Our graphics department will promptly be in touch to request all the necessary files from you.

What can I publish?

Music, radio dramas & everything audio-related. You don’t have to have produced your tracks with us in order to publish them.

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