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Our pre-production music service

Best service right from the outset: pre-production with ProMusicianService

Lyrics, music transcription, composition and arrangement – our pre-production service for your song.

Because before is often as crucial as after: be perfectly prepared for your song’s performance with our excellent pre-production music service. We’ll assist you with editing your song lyrics, create first-class compositions from your ideas and preconceptions, get your songs down on paper, and with our music arrangement polish your music up nicely. Make sure your project stays in good hands. At the end of the day, this is about your passion: music.

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Editing lyrics

Prepare for your lyrics – because we have just the right words for you. ... more
179,00 €

Composing songs

We create music from your ideas and preconceptions. ... more
179,00 €

Transcribing songs

We’ll get your song down on paper – the basis on which your stage performance or your studio... more
189,00 €

Arranging songs

We’ll get your music into shape: professional music arrangement from ProMusicianService. ... more
400,00 €
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