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Editing audio: we can re-amp your guitar tracks.

More energy and effective force: our re-amping service

How Does It Work?

1. Place your order and upload your tracks to our server.
2. Within 96 h or less, we'll send you a high-definition mp3 preview.
3. Request a modification or approve to get the final tracks.
4. We´ll send you the final files.

All services include:

✔ One FREE modification. Additional modifications are 50%/each.
✔ You own 100% of our work and all the rights.
✔ Money-back guarantee on your first order.

Re-amping guitar tracks

more production

Power for your guitar sound thanks to our professional re-amping.

With ProMusicianService audio editing is made easy: you choose the amp, the recording space and the microphone arrangement you want, and you’ll get your tracks back from us with precise, phase corrected re-amping. So you’ve already recorded your guitar tracks with virtual guitar amps, such as Guitar Rig, SansAmp or AmpliTube? Not a problem – here with us you have the option of linking your guitar tracks up to our studio equipment. That way you can make subsequent changes to your guitar tracks and look forward to stunning results! Book our re-amp service now for 3 guitars or more.

How would you like it?

Song title
How many tracks do you need?
Stereo Mix
Stereo Mix
Stereo Mix & the unedited source tracks
59,00 €
Stereo Mix & the edited source tracks
99,00 €
Provision of services
in 96 hours
in 96 hours
in 72 hours
39,00 €
in 48 hours
69,00 €
Sample rate
44.1kHz / 16bit
44.1kHz / 16bit
44.1kHz / 24bit
48kHz / 16bit
48kHz / 24bit
88.2kHz / 16bit
29,00 €
88.2kHz / 24bit
29,00 €
96kHz / 16bit
29,00 €
96kHz / 24bit
29,00 €
176.4kHz / 16bit
59,00 €
176.4kHz / 24bit
59,00 €
192kHz / 16bit
59,00 €
192kHz / 24bit
59,00 €
How many tracks are you sending us?
I´m sending you 1 track
I´m sending you 1 track
I´m sending you 2 tracks
30,00 €
I´m sending you 3 tracks
60,00 €
I´m sending you 4 tracks
90,00 €
I´m sending you 5 tracks
120,00 €
I´m sending you 6 tracks
150,00 €
I´m sending you 7 tracks
180,00 €
I´m sending you 8 tracks
210,00 €
You decide which room is suitable
You decide which room is suitable
Chamber small 4x4
Room medium 6x5
Room large 10x10
Guitar amps
You decide which amp is suitable
You decide which amp is suitable
Engl Thunder 50
Leslie 760
Leslie 145
Fender Twin Reverb
Roland Jazz Chorus 120
58,00 €
Fender deluxe
58,00 €
Fender twin 1957 reissue
58,00 €
Marshall JCM800 + 4x12 Marshall Cabinet
58,00 €
Marshall JCM900 lead + 4x12 Marshall Cabinet
58,00 €
Mesa Boogie rectifier roadster
58,00 €
Mesa Boogie tripple rectifier + 4x12 Recto® Traditional Slant Guitar Cabinet
68,00 €

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