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Backing tracks: Guitar

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1. Place your order and upload your tracks to our server.
2. Within 96 h or less, we'll send you a high-definition mp3 preview.
3. Request a modification or approve to get the final tracks.
4. We´ll send you the final files.

All services include:

✔ One FREE modification. Additional modifications are 50%/each.
✔ You own 100% of our work and all the rights.
✔ Money-back guarantee on your first order.

Guitar tracks

more Studio tracks

We can accompany your song on the guitar – click here for the electric and acoustic guitar studio tracks.

The guitar – the driving mechanism, central feature and indispensable building block in most genres. With us you’ll be on the safe side, if you want catchy riffs, powerful rhythms and an exceptional sound. We can record custom-made guitar backing tracks for you on the electric guitar and/or the acoustic. Whether it’s jazz, rock, pop or blues, check out the guitar backing tracks from ProMusicianService. Professional and one-of-a-kind – rather fitting for your project. Pop guitar tracks on the Service Card now.

How would you like it?

Song title
How many tracks do you need?
Stereo Mix
Stereo Mix
Stereo Mix & the unedited source tracks
59,00 €
Stereo Mix & the edited source tracks
99,00 €
Provision of services
in 96 hours
in 96 hours
Sample rate
44.1kHz / 16bit
44.1kHz / 16bit
44.1kHz / 24bit
48kHz / 16bit
48kHz / 24bit
88.2kHz / 16bit
29,00 €
88.2kHz / 24bit
29,00 €
96kHz / 16bit
29,00 €
96kHz / 24bit
29,00 €
176.4kHz / 16bit
59,00 €
176.4kHz / 24bit
59,00 €
192kHz / 16bit
59,00 €
192kHz / 24bit
59,00 €
Playing style
Simple and conducive to the song
Simple and conducive to the song
Balanced, with that certain knack
Demanding, show me what you’ve got going!
Instrument selection for guitar
Electric guitar
Electric guitar
Acoustic guitar
Electric & acoustic guitar
149,00 €
How many guitar tracks should we record?
3 tracks are included
3 tracks are included
I need 4 tracks
30,00 €
I need 5 tracks
60,00 €
I need 6 tracks
90,00 €

Customer views

Christian K.
From Kloten
Evaluated on 03.03.2015

Super fast and very friendly service. I payed safely and will place an order again in the near future ! Many thanks to the team !!

Christoph E.
From Duisburg
Evaluated on 03.03.2015

First, the price is perfectly fine. The delivered quality is excellent. The studio musicians are excellent and recorded on the basis of a “rough mix”.

Really great. 6 stars!

Andreas W.
From Hamburg
Evaluated on 16.01.2014

I hardly know good musicians.

It´s amazinf! Now I can book professional musicians for my songs on guitar. The quality is top notch!

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