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Male Vocals backing tracks: lead vocals from ProMusicianService

Our lead vocals get under your skin

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1. Place your order and upload your tracks to our server.
2. Within 96 h or less, we'll send you a high-definition mp3 preview.
3. Request a modification or approve to get the final tracks.
4. We´ll send you the final files.

All services include:

✔ One FREE modification. Additional modifications are 50%/each.
✔ You own 100% of our work and all the rights.
✔ Money-back guarantee on your first order.

Male Lead Vocal Tracks

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Choose your lead vocals: there’s a diverse variety of unique voices lent by professional singers just waiting for you.

The engine behind many successful songs is the distinctive lead vocals. So that you too can distinguish yourself from the rest, with our artists we have put together a broad repertoire of different moods, conditions and styles for you. From pop to rock, to blues, to soul, to rap & hip-hop, every one of our trained and experienced singers is a specialist in their field. Best to have a listen right now, find the voice you’d like for your project and put vocal backing tracks on your Service Card.

How would you like it?

Song title
How many tracks do you need?
Stereo Mix
Stereo Mix
Stereo Mix & the unedited source tracks
59,00 €
Stereo Mix & the edited source tracks
99,00 €
Provision of services
in 96 hours
in 96 hours
Sample rate
44.1kHz / 16bit
44.1kHz / 16bit
44.1kHz / 24bit
48kHz / 16bit
48kHz / 24bit
88.2kHz / 16bit
29,00 €
88.2kHz / 24bit
29,00 €
96kHz / 16bit
29,00 €
96kHz / 24bit
29,00 €
176.4kHz / 16bit
59,00 €
176.4kHz / 24bit
59,00 €
192kHz / 16bit
59,00 €
192kHz / 24bit
59,00 €
Please choose the vocal for me

Calvin (English)

Carl (English)

Carter (English)

Damian (English)

David (English)

Emanuel (English)

Frank (English)

James (English)

Neil (English)

Simon (English)

Hannes (German)

Kaljo (German)

Range check?
No, I don’t need it
No, I don’t need it
Yes, check range
15,00 €
How many lead vocals should we record?
I need 1 track
I need 1 track
I need the lead vocal doubled
49,00 €
Tuning lead vocals?
Yes, tune lead vocals
99,00 €

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